Gold Style Limited was established in Hong Kong since 2005. The company specializes in the sales and production of fine walkie talkies for Family Radio Service (FRS), Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and Professional Ham Radio. The customers of Gold Style are from all over the world.

By having our own office and manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China , Gold Style Limited has full control in its production line. Together with strong R & D abilities and advanced equipment, the company offers customers flexibility and tailor-made designs at a competitive price.

To diversify the business, Gold Style Limited provides OEM/ODM services to the overseas markets.

High quality and customer satisfaction are the key factors of the continuing success of Gold Style . Our aims to provide reliable products and best services that fit the requirements of its customers.

Dongguan Factory
Address :
Block A, Industrial GaoQiao No.1-3
BaoShan One Road
ZhangMuTou Town
Dongguan City, GuangDong Province
China PRC